About Us

"Exploratori Pins was born out of a nickname from my freshman year in college, a goal to inspire young females in the S.T.E.M. field to hold a "Yes, We Can." mentality despite difficulties today's society creates for women of color. Following the production of the first pin, Hidden Figures, I began to want to share a message that could further affect the overall black audience to give them a longing for better times."- Victoria Miles, Founder, Exploratori Pins

Exploratori Pins is a team of two African-American college students striving to create a motivating impact in the form of art. 

Exploratori Pins is a brand that represents melanated excellence, both past, current, and future. As a whole, we strive to explore the past to create a better future through the expression of a variety of art forms. In the near future, there will be an exploration of other art forms including apparel and artwork. Thank you so much for exploring with us to create a better tomorrow.